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Dan Dare

Having drawn cross sections of Dan Dare's headquarters and the Marco Polo spaceship for the Spaceship Away magazine, Graham's next project is a cutaway of the real life Dan Dare studio and later in the year he will be producing a cutaway of the fictional Mekonta City on Venus.

Cards Inc.

Graham has been asked to produce a set of hand drawn sketching cards for the 40th anniversary of Thunderbirds trading card set for Cards Inc. Work hasn't begun on this set yet, but should be complete by October when the set will be released.


Graham has just completed cross section for the 2006 X-Men annual. This is of a Sentinel robot which appears in the comics from time to time. The annual will be published by Panini Comics in September 2005.


Graham continues to undertake private commissions. Examples can be seen on the commissions page. This year, so far, he has completed a painting of a house with Thunderbird vehicles flying over it!

Events Graham is attending.

  Graham will be attending the Fanderson Convention Sector 25 in October where he will have a table and artwork display. He will be doing sketches to raise money for charity as well as a couple of discussion panels. He would be delighted to talk to you about his work.


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